Skills for Discursive Writing You Must Need to Improve

Discursive Writing
So, your teacher has assigned you to write a discursive essay writing? Typically, most students like you ask questions: How do you craft discursive writing? What are the required skills for discursive writing? Discursive writing is academic writing that involves a detailed discussion on a particular topic. To explore the topic in detail and present your point of view effectively in this writing, you surely need to improve certain skills for discursive writing. The reason is that without improving those skills, you will not be able to craft good discursive writing. Thus, what are those skills? Do not panic and be so impatient. Today’s whole article is on this topic. First, let’s define discursive writing and then move on to the skills you need to improve.

What Is Discursive Writing In Academics?

Discursive writing is a type of essay assignment in which the student’s main aim is to explain a topic in such a manner that either he argues against the topic or for the topic. There could be a balanced perspective, too, in this writing. It means that the student can argue on both sides while remaining neutral and objective. Giving a mere explanation of the topic under study is also called discursive writing.

Skills To Improve For Discursive Writing

Writing has never been an easy task. For many students, working on skills for discursive writing is very challenging because they have not worked on such a writing project before. However, no matter what the case is, students must improve their skills to write a good discursive manuscript. A brief description of those skills is as follows:

1. Cognitive Skills

Cognition is the process of acquiring an understanding of something through a mental action. So, first of all, you must improve your cognitive skills and stay unprejudiced. It means that you must be able to assess all the aspects of the writing before starting the writing process. What do most students do? They go with their instinct and pre-understanding of the topic. It is a very wrong practice that can lead you to failure. Therefore, before anything else, you need to work on your cognitive skills and understand the assignment. Hiring an assignment writing service is also important for this purpose.

2. Research And Literature Finding Skills

Finding the right type of literature for your discursive writing is very important. You cannot find good relevant literature for your research topic without knowing what strategies to employ and what methods to use. So, after improving cognitive skills for discursive writing, you must work on your research skills. Learn the advanced and new research techniques that can benefit you in gathering the most relevant information about your topic. Know that finding the right literature is critical to any writing, and it is a must to improve skills.

3. Skills Of Planning The Writing

Planning an essay is another critical and the most critical part of discursive writing. The reason is that when you have gathered blocks of information, you just cannot put them one after one in your writing. As a writer, you need to have a plan about which block of information will be placed where. For this, you must improve your planning and outlining writing skills. You must be able to break the topic into several pieces and then write the essay assignment. Moreover, a solid plan does not let you get off track.

4. Skills For The Development Of The Arguments

As described earlier, discursive writing can be about giving arguments about something. If this is the case, you must improve argument development skills for discursive writing. It means that your arguments must be unassailable and contain bulletproof pieces of evidence to convince the reader of your take on the topic. Therefore, you must learn how to formulate and develop such arguments in your discursive writing.

5. Editing And Proofreading Skills

It is a rule of thumb that the first draft is not always the final draft. There will be many mistakes and errors in your discursive writing that needs to be attended to and rectified. So, in order to remove those skills, what do you need? Exactly, you need some flawless editing and proofreading skills that can refreshen your content and make it more clear for the audience. Thus, improving the editing and proofreading skills is also a must skill to improve.


Conclusively, in discursive writing, you explain something to your reader. You argue on that something and sometimes give a balanced opinion. However, writing such a piece of writing is not an easy task. It requires extraordinary writing and research skills. Therefore, improve the skills for discursive writing mentioned above and craft your writing.

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